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General Questions

How do you use Mul-Tie?

See instruction video here and step by step guide below:

Where can you use Mul-Tie?

Mul-Tie is suitable for a range of different projects including electrical, DIY home projects and commercial.

What makes Mul-Tie different from the traditional cable tie?

Mul-Tie is reusable, fixing is included, temporary hitch for adding cables.

Are Mul-Ties reusable?

Yes they are reusable. Simply unclip the Mul-Tie to add or remove cables. Mul-Tie packaging is recyclable.

Product Features

What are the key features of a Multi-Tie?

  • Patented Release and Refasten Design
  • Temporary Hitch to Add Cables
  • Practical Single Unit Solution
  • Stainless Steel Nail Included
  • UV and Weather Resistant
  • Premium Nylon Cable Ties
  • Saves Time and Money
  • Add Cables As You Go
  • Release and Re-Use
  • Easy To Use
  • Recyclable

Ordering Products

Where can you buy Mul-Ties?

Product Deliveries and Returns

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